ZAK & Manipal

2018 is already well on its way and so is Koltay Façades.

April spoke at the ZAK World of Facades conference in Bangkok at the beginning of March, offering 5 tips to Value Engineering Facade Packages – an exercise that we often encounter during the tendering stage. The audience did end up taking away 8 tips cunningly delivered by April. Just two weeks later the ZAK conference made it to Dubai, where Naoki gave a speech on Key Principles for Design/Manufacturing of Curved Glass, with a specific focus on Visual Quality Acceptance. Naoki ran through Cold & Hot bend glass processes and gave insights to the (missing) industry standards. This is the 5th year running that Koltay Façades has been speaking at the ZAK conference in one of the many international locations.

March turned out to be a busy month as Guillermo and Shadwa also held a Facade Engineering Session at Manipal Academy here in Dubai. Students from several countries attended the Global Tall Building Studio 2018. under the theme "Innovation in Tall Building Design". Again, this is one of the many reoccurring events in our calendar; we enjoy the mutual inspiration, exchange of ideas, the passion for architecture and facades, and meeting young talent.