Specialist Engineering

Specialist Steelwork

Robust and complex glazed steelwork structures, such as airport terminals, large skylights, multi-story atrium walls, projecting features, large canopies, have to be engineered with extra care: the larger spans mean larger movements, while brittle cladding demands stiffer backing and aesthetics dictate minimal obstruction of view. We skillfully design steelwork with an understanding of glass behavior and an appreciation for the architecture.

In engineering, international standards and codes are applied worldwide. We work with American, Australian and European standards as well as local regulations, based on specific project location. Our specifications and designs consider local climate, environment and local building practices.

Structural Glass Engineering

Designing all-transparent glass feature structures is an engineering intense challenge that we are ready for. These special structures are often installed as central attraction or well-visited tourists features. Through very detailed pre-engineering analysis we develop structural concepts that offer maximum transparency while only uses steel connectors as added redundancy to ensure higher than required safety and lower than usual risk of breakage or failure. We aim to design innovative, unique structres, and provide documentation from early concept options to construction phase. These structures may include very large glass pieces or other components that can only be sourced from very limited high-end specialist suppliers.

Building physics

Here at Koltay Façades, our main goal is to deliver the best design for each project: this means ultimately the higher grade of comfort or those people who are going to live the building -being it for an hour or for a whole day.

Taking a holistic approach, solar and thermal analysis is an integrated part of our work. U-value is calculated including non-typical conditions, based on EN or US standards. Furthermore, condensation checks and risk assessments are carried on based on the specific climatic environment to avoid any chance of discomfort for the final user.

Solar studies, including thermal stress checks on glazing and radiation/shading analysis, ETTV and Green Code compliance are offered depending on project particulars.

The iconic crown of MOL Campus will be home for the highest observation deck in Hungary