Complex geometry, BIM & 3D

Complex freeform geometries are for sure one of the most striking trends in contemporary architecture, but eventually come with a list of technical challenges that need to be addressed to achieve a winning design.

Koltay Façades has a dedicated team able to handle these challenging topics: we successfully designed and engineered several projects featuring free-form masses and single/double curved surfaces, taking care of the geometry as well as the structural and manufacturing issues.

We utilize parametric design in our everyday tasks, such as modulation studies, curvature analysis and optimization, giving definition for non-repetitive non-typical elements. The results assist the design development process, or even give direct input to computer assisted fabrication processes. Our team is capable of handling BIM models too, and is experienced in participating in collaboration schemes.

On several projects, we have provided certain stages of in-house architectural documentation. These may include parametric analysis and geometry set-out of complex 3D facades, revised elevation drawings, documentation following design change, as-built documentation, or concept options of new facade alternatives.

Museum of the Future calligraphy features more than 700 unique letters. Our parametric design experts delivered the flattening tool that made it possible.