Facade Access

Successfully designed facades are not only built to last decades but also integrate well with facade maintenance and cleaning access systems. We believe money should be spent where it brings real value and not all developers aim to have the “most complicated ever” Building Maintenance Units (BMU). Often, it is just a slight change of the geometry or the features that enables the use of a simpler access method. These can be accommodated if highlighted before the architectural design is frozen.

Abseiling rail at The Address Boulevard hotel

Our facade consultants and specialist BMU consultants work out the cleaning strategy relatively early and stay in constant coordination with relevant disciplines to ensure the design considers all aspects. BMU design is much more product centered than facade design, hence we maintain a list of available suppliers and our system selection advice is based on existing capability.

We offer BMU Consultancy services optionally to all projects where we provide Facade Engineering Consultancy. The scope includes cleaning strategy, advice on cleaning cycles, layout plans and clearance coordination, slab loading coordination, specifications, verification of accessible areas, tendering, tender technical assessment, submittal reviews, site inspections.