Burj Vista

Another stunning residential project has been completed; Burj Vista officially opened on the 1st of July 2018 and the first residents have moved in. The two towers, 20 and 65 floors high, designed by architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill and implemented by BH.NS, are located right in the middle of the dynamic Downtown Dubai. What sets the buildings apart is the beautiful grid pattern of outward inclined glazed facade windows and terraces ensuring residents uninterrupted views of Burj Khalifa, the fountains and the Opera. 

Koltay Façades have been involved in the project since the schematic design stage throughout the construction stage for both facade engineering and BMU facade access. As the project started back in 2013 for Koltay Façades, with the input of Agnes Koltay and Brad Frey, the list of people involved is long, and finally Naoki Woodward took it to the finish line. We first designed it as a fully unitized project but with the increased utilization of GRC during design development stage, a hybrid semi unitized solution was specified and adopted. We worked with lead consultants BH.NS, main contractor CCC on this Emaar Project. Burj Vista completes another piece of the big construction puzzle of Downtown, soon there will not be any empty plots around. (And we are proud to contribute to the success of many more, stay tuned for Sky View news!)