We are six

Some of you may have wondered how we spent this year our company birthday, including our most enthusiastic reader (Hi Dad!),so here it is. We turned six! 

The team met in the parking lot behind our office building. We drove to Dibba and went to a long scenic dirt road drive along the famous Wadi Beh. The mountains there are amazing. Here is a picture of us, the best facade team I have ever worked with. 

At 6 pm that day we boarded a large dhow, rented for us, where we spent the next 24 hours. We slept on the boat, some in cabins, some under the starry sky. The following day was busy with swimming, jumping from the upper deck, banana boating, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, enjoying the sun and the fresh air. We saw devil rays jumping out of the water, and lots of colorful fish and turtles underwater. It has been a blast for all.

And now, back to Dubai, where our new projects are waiting for their facades to be designed and engineered.