Future is here

Earlier this year we have started to work on one of the most interesting new projects in Dubai. It is designed by Killa Design and located at the prominent location of the corner of Emirates Towers: The Museum of Future. The building will showcase high-end new technology of the foreseeable future and provide inspiration for forming the not-yet-foreseeable future. Naturally, the building envelope will also use the latest technology both in methodology and materials. Koltay Façades was invited to the project by the main contractor, during the tendering phase to provide technical solutions and support. The selected solution is based on insulated plastic composite panels, faced with stainless steel sheets. The image on the right shows the site just two weeks ago. As a first step, the panelization strategy has to be worked out and finalized. We expect large, 9 meters tall prefabricated double-curved vacuum-formed units to be manufactured. While each panel will be unique in geometry, the advancement of computer modeling technologies merging into fabrication methods, and the accessibility of laser scanning quality control methods enable the procurement of truly unique geometries. The windows of the building form calligraphic scripts, written by H.H.Sheikh Mohammed, and will be illuminated at night.