Crystals, fashion and ice

We have finished the design development, pre-engineering and documentation of three signature focus areas of a large shopping mall, in collaboration with Norr Architects, Dubai.

Crystal Court features 3 "crystals", 5 story high geometric glass-only objects, supported by glass fins and beams. The crystals, hanging in the atrium and growing from the floor, will be illuminated by yellowish light and will house cafes, prime retail and central information desk.

The Fashion Court is covered by a 52 meters diameter point fixed glass roof, supported by external steel structure. The side enclosure is also point fixed glazed, with glass balustrades and voids to allow view to the large atrium.

The Ice Rink area has cladding resembling large ice slabs and ice bergs, forming an ice cave at the seating area, all washed in white light.

Our scope included the glazing and all support steelwork design. As always, we took an integrated approach and considered maintenance and cleaning access aspects as well, specifying gantries, monorails and mobile working platforms as required.

It has been a great and very creative assignment, we are looking forward to the next challenge.

Facade consultancy team lead: Agnes Koltay
Project team: Andrey Pavlov, Lee Marshall, Evelyn Delfin, Shadwa Zaki