Agnes and Brad have just returned from Germany, where they visited Glasstec and attended the "Engineered Transparency" conference.

There are quite a few interesting new products this year out there, such as the new high strength sealants (DC TSSA, and Sika),super thin high strength glass products (DuPont Gorilla),new PVB products (Saflex DG),new architectural patterning methods of glass (new interlayers, advanced printing technologies). We are very excited to try these on some of our upcoming projects, if applicable.

There were 4 big halls of glass processing machinery firms, with live demos of cutting, edge working, IGU sealing, water jet cutting, tempering, etc - something that we always find fascinating to watch. Automatization technology from automotive processing seeps into architectural processing, we have seen some very cleverly designed new machinery that opens new possibilities in our field.

We have also learnt that quite a few big companies got acquired, such as Interpane by AGC or Saflex by Eastman.

As always, the Glass Technology Live exhibition was a focal point of the event. We particularly liked the new laser engraved glass shading solutions, the in-laid super thin media facade glazing product, and of course Cricursa's beautifully shaped full size glass rain screen mock-up of the Mostoles Hospital project (curved rhomboidal shaped glass with white frit integrating a 450mm deep spherical centre piece).

Although it was very cold for us after Dubai - reached zero at nighttime, with daily maximums around 8 Celsius- it was definitely time well spent.