Two years

On the 15th of May, Koltay Façades turned two! It has been an amazing two years, with a number of interesting and exciting projects.

We celebrated our birthday on Thursday, by doing something completely random: we visited a camel farm, with 2700 milk producing camels, just about 20 minutes drive from Dubai. We fed camels, seen the milking, watched the (super cute) babies, visited the laboratories and asked a million questions from the farm manager, who was really kind to take us around and show everything.

Earlier that day, we had tender interviews with the shortlisted facade contractors on our Address Boulevard Hotel project, followed by a kick-off meeting of a new project: extension of an existing, popular mall with retail area and 3 high rise residential towers, around 50 floors each. The retail part incorporates giant inclined glass walls, high end retail shopfronts, skylights and a range of solid cladding types.

Additionally, just yesterday we issued invoice no.100... two years - one hundred invoices.