New projects

We have been awarded two new projects last week*, both located in Dubai Marina, at beachfront, both above 60 floors. We have just recently started a project in Qatar too, a complex of 3 high-rise towers consisting of office, hotel and residential blocks. Each of the three projects has a Built Up Area well above 100,000 m2. Isn't it nice? Our scope is Facade Engineering Consultancy from concept stage to tender documents, then staying on board to support the project with submittal reviews and site inspections until handover. Projects of this size include various facade systems and materials, and some unique feature areas, like large glass lobbies or atria. We work with the Architects to develop the design together and find interesting, technically sound solutions.
(* Update: Actually not two, but three. We got a third new project yesterday, on 6th April. It is in Dubai, nice high-rise, with one of our repeat clients. This will be the seventh big project with them, over the past years!)

Meanwhile our ongoing projects are intense. The first phase of Dubai Design District is handed over, there was a very nice soft opening lunch event for the project team. Opus has glass on it, the silver dots look really cool and unique! Address Hotel has all the systems approved by now and the site progresses day by day. The large Downtown projects are also busy, different mock-up reviews, last minute design change implementation, tendering. Our Saudi Zaha Hadid project is also partially handed over, we are still visiting the site.

The office has grown a bit too, we got two new colleagues starting in January. And a few new restaurants opened downstairs, and a new Taj Hotel next door (that has a bar!). We love our office location, in the heart of Business Bay - Downtown, a short drive or walking distance to many of our project sites.

Images: DDD North Phase getting enclosed + Skyviews is out of the ground!