Burj Vista

This is how Burj Vista construction site looked like this morning. Still a few months until the curtain walling starts, but that does not mean it was quiet for us. The tender mockup has been finished by the contractors - a large two-story full-size mockup, measuring about 20 meters in width-, and we have also reviewed the tender submittals and formed our technical recommendation. 

The project is one of our favourites, with a main facade that consists of inclined stepped units, resembling a palm tree trunk (actually, two...),but all glazed! The repeating transition from negative void to positive mass creates a challenging geometry, with complex curtain wall drainage concept, due to multi-way interfaces. We have been involved since schematic stage, developing the system design with the architects, then preparing detailed tender drawings and project specifications for the external facade and the facade access (BMU) systems. Our involvement started in July 2013 and it is great to see how quickly the project progresses. The site is just in front of Burj Khalifa, you won't miss it if you visit Dubai.

In other life... We have just bought 6 new desks and computers to the new joiners... our Monday team lunches are ongoing. We took over the roof terrace, as we cannot fit any more on the balcony. The roof is only accessible through the plantroom which is not very elegant, but started convincing the landlord to let us extend the staircase so we gain proper access to the roof. Nice weather and great view up there! Not that we have too much time to enjoy it, our December and January are packed with project deadlines. We currently run 16 large projects.