ZAK London (Oct 18) Conference

At start of what promises to be another very busy month our own Director, Agnes Koltay was briefly in London attending the ZAK World of Facades Conference - an esteemed International conference series on facade design & engineering.  This series is so well established having now surpassed its 50th edition and Agnes was there with industry visionaries keen on sharing key insights on the current and perennial challenges faced by the construction industry.  It was a great forum to share ideas about how technology, demographics and demands for new buildings and homes are shaping the future of construction.

Agnes Koltay chaired a couple of sessions during the event including WHITE COLLAR FACTORY: THE JOURNEY OF AN IDEA ­(Charting the development of Creating a 21st century warehouse for work by Stephen Taylor, Associate Director, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris) as well as LOOKING BACK - MOVING FORWARD: WHERE HISTORY INSPIRES INNOVATION (by Claudia Farabegoli, Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti)