Downtown under construction

Just a few progress pictures on some of the under construction projects we run - each time I drive by or visit a site I take a picture, wanting to post on the website, then by the time I get to write the post, I drive by again, just to find them even taller! The photo on the left is Fountainviews - I must post it as it grows soon too tall to fit the picture while I stop at the traffic light. The middle one is The Address Boulevard Hotel, 2016 will see it handed over, cladding works are very advanced. On the other two, you can only see the concrete skeleton, but there are facade workshops with the contractors, manufacturing and testing has commenced. Once the design is fully signed off and verified by testing, panels will appear on the buildings.

Note: Koltay Façades act on these projects as Facade Engineering and BMU Strategy Consultant. We are involved from schematic stage to handover. We do not manufacture or install.