Taking shape

Our hotel project in Abu Dhabi is progressing well, with some of the glass already installed. The 250 meters long G+M+6+R floors high building will house a 5 star hotel to supplement the existing recreational facilities. The hotel is designed by Atkins and the facade is built by the specialist facade contractor Al Ghurair Aluminium. Koltay Façades has been developing and reviewing the design and engineering of glazed stick wall systems, balcony doors and freestanding glass balustrades, large canopies, as well as a number of point fixed glazed cable supported atrium glass wall systems, panoramic elevator enclosures, point fixed cladding to link bridges, glass main entrance lobbies. The hotel is scheduled to open by the end of 2013. We cannot wait to see further progress at our next visit.

Facade consultancy project lead: Agnes Koltay
Project team: Evelyn Delfin, Andrey Pavlov