Summer update

We started working on the Dubai Convention Center, a giant complex to house mega-events and their visitors. It consists of a large egg-shaped conference center, 5 events halls, 3 high-rise buildings, all connected with freeform shaped glass-roofed concourse. Yes, this is all one project. It was recently announced in Gulf News (read article). There is also a youtube video (watch it here).

Our construction stage projects are progressing, The Opus finally received its inner void glazing; The Address Boulevard Hotel is scheduled for handover; and the works are ongoing on Sky View, Fountainviews, Ahlia Rotana, etc. 

We are currently working intensely on 9 large design stage projects, most of them still confidential, but I assure everyone, they are interesting projects. We are also awarded a new project in Al Khobar, KSA and another one in Doha, Qatar, which are to be started soon.

We had some interesting investigation projects, some related to fire risk of ACP cladding, some related to broken glass. One of them was an interesting dispute resolution for establishing what should be performance tested to represent best a large glass wall. 

Our team has grown with a number of new colleagues: Duncan, Shih-chi, Faisal, Jan, Darryl and Naoki. Welcome! 

We are also doing quite well on pub quizzes, we have been winning brunch vouchers at nearby pubs.

Agnes and Pedro attended the Challenging Glass Conference in Ghent. Agnes was invited as a keynote speaker and talked about the development of The Opus facade. The picture posted here was taken in Ghent, it has been a well organized and well-attended conference. We highly recommend it!