Media specials

Guess, who made it to the national media! Yes, our hardcore Pub Quiz Team (Chris and Guillermo) are on the photo. Finally, an article featuring facade engineers, but not discussing "ACP cladding fire" or "new trends in glass industry". Read the Gulf News article with an awesome photo here.

The National featured two articles on The Opus on 17th December: 

We have also made it into international media, not as mainstream, but more specialized: Intelligent Glass Magazine invited us to publish an 8 full pages technical article about The Opus facade development. It is unfortunately not available online. 

And we have also been interviewed by Middle East Construction Magazine, mostly on the usual issues of fire safety and glass trends and so on.

This last article does not mention us, but explains about our Jumeriah Gate project that will dominate the JBR Beachfront soon. We are involved from early schematic stage and will see the project through handover for facade engineering and BMU strategy consultancy. Read about Jumeirah Gate here.