GRC mock-up

The first full size sample for a project with about 6500 m2 of patterned Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) panels has been fabricated in Abu Dhabi. Panels like this will clad the spherical core of the development, 100 meters in diameter, surrounded by glazed and metal clad multi-storey structures. The patterned GRC panels are bright white with very smooth marble like polished surface. The sample pictured above is 3,6 meters high by 3,6 meters wide, 14 of them will be placed above eachother to clad the facade. GRC is a relatively light weight material, sprayed onto moulds during production, making complex patterning affordable. The panels will have a nominal wall thickness of 20mm, stiffened with concealed ribs and fixed to the backing steel structure open jointed. Koltay Façades provides facade engineering consultancy for the entire project.