An other tower out for tender

We finalized the tender documents for a 27 story all-glass office building last Wednesday.

The building has an interesting in-out folded-looking geometry all the way up, formed by unitized curtain wall system, terminating in a huge 60 degrees sloping glazed skylight. On one side of the building, an atrium runs full height, housing the panoramic elevators, where the atrium glass wall is supported on custom designed steelwork and tensioned cables structure. The steep roof slope imposed some challenges on the BMU strategy, but we finalized two permanent telescopic machines with quick cleaning cycle so they are concealed for the majority of the year. The documentation includes typical detail drawings and interface drawings of all facade systems, based on engineering calculations, detailed performance specifications and cleaning and maintenance strategy plans.

This concludes an intense 7 month long design and development period, working in close cooperation with the architects, mep and structural engineers. Thanks to this, the documents are very well coordinated and will form an excellent basis to efficient facade package works tendering.

Facade consultancy team lead: Agnes Koltay
Project lead: Brad Frey
Project team: April Soh, Ajay Walwaikar, Evelyn Delfin, Shadwa Zaki, Alfredo Baloloy