Here at Koltay Facades, our main goal is to deliver the best design for each project: this means ultimately the higher grade of comfort or those people who are going to live the building. Being it for an hour or for a whole day.

Acting as a filter, the envelope should be able to provide shelter against the weatherings while, in the same time, disappear to provide the most immersive experience. That is the reason why our facade experts can provide a wide range of analysis to ensure this balance is achieved.

Taking a holistic approach, solar and thermal analysis is an integrated part of our work. U-value is calculated including non-typical conditions for regular as long as complex geometries, both based on EN or US standards. Furthermore, condensation checks and risk assessments are carried on based on the specific climatic environment to avoid any chance of discomfort for the final user.

Solar studies, including thermal stress checks on glazing and radiation/shading analysis, ETTV and Green Code compliance can be offered too related to project needs.

The local requirements for MOL Campus pushed Koltay Facades to run a wide range analysis on the envelope, Render: Foster+Partners

Glazing optical properties very often play a major role, especially in such hot climates as the Middle East.

At Koltay Facades, we have a relationship with all the most important glass manufacturers and processors to be always updated with the latest technologies in the industry and to ensure that your ideas can became reality in the most efficient way.